Hattendorf_John_3711026_HMTitle: Ernest J. King Professor Emeritus of Maritime History

Company: The U.S. Naval War College

Location: Newport, RI United States


As a maritime historian, Professor John Hattendorf delves into the broadly-defined field of maritime historical research, with a special focus on naval history. Listen in to hear how he got his start in this interesting field, and how his own naval career would shape his work as a researcher.



Tsavo2Title: Author, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Emeritus

Company: University of California, Santa Barbara

Location: New York, NY United States


As a lifelong researcher, Dr. Botkin has carried another passion within him: to create a vivid and well-crafted novel. On August 17, 2018, that dream would be realized with the publication of Dr. Botkin’s first novel, “Tsavo: Oddball Reseachers Use Data and Guns to Save African Elephants.” The book was created over 20 years, using Dr. Botkin’s own firsthand knowledge of African elephants to enrich the story and add just the right amount of detail. Listen in to hear more about Dr. Botkin’s novel and the stories and characters that helped to shape it.



Zimmermann_Thomas Price_3628983_HM1Title: Historian, Educator (Retired)

Location: Huntersville, NC United States



As an educator, historian and educational administrator, Thomas Price Zimmermann has built up an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience. Listen in to hear how his research skills and diplomatic skills were an asset to him in his administrative career.

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WEISS_ROBERT_2207529_01HMTitle: Former President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: The Cooper Companies

Location: Pleasanton, CA United States


Prior to stepping down from his role as President and CEO of The Cooper Companies in April 2018, Robert Weiss spent his career building the market share of the company until it reached the level of the S&P 500. Listen in to hear Mr. Weiss expound on his business philosophies, and learn more about the mission and history of The Cooper Companies.

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This is a wonderful and insightful look into Cooper under Bob Weiss’s Leadership. He is a tremendous asset and very humble leader at Cooper, The University of Scranton and our world at large.

God Bless him and Marilyn as they enjoy a much-deserved retirement. Marilyn has been a wonderful partner in Bob’s career.

-Carol M.


Dr. Patrick Matoole

Title: Physician

Company: Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology

Location: Indianapolis, IN United States

As a physician, Dr. Matoole diagnoses and treats patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain and spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions. Listen in to hear more about Patrick Matoole.

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Van Hoyweghen_Magda_2219841_01_HMTitle: Retired Surgeon

Location: Beveren, Belgium



As a retired surgeon, Magda Van Hoyweghen looks back proudly on a lifetime of service to underserved individuals in Africa, where she spent the majority of her career. Listen in to hear her thoughts on the development of medicine in Africa throughout her career.

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SandiTitle: Sole Proprietor, Artist

Company: North Shore Serenity

Location: Two Harbors, MN United States


As the sole proprietor of North Shore Serenity, Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens explores her love of oil painting and her passion for en plein air artwork. Listen in to hear some of Ms. Gredzens’ favorite techniques, and learn about what being an artist means to her.

To view Sandi’s work for yourself, please visit her website.

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