Card_Ann_1995841_AdminTitle: Advocate

Location: Trumbull, CT United States



As an advocate, Ann Card works to advance worthy causes. In particular, she is passionate about the laws concerning children in Connecticut. The highlight of her career was being instrumental in the HB600 Booster Seat Law passing in October of 2005. Listen in to hear about Ms. Card’s career and the good causes for which she fights.

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Ridout_Daniel_993425_02Title: Gastroenterologist

Location: Roswell, NM United States



An accomplished gastroenterologist, Dr. Ridout shares the lessons he has learned over a 30-plus-year career in medicine. In particular, how up-and-coming doctors may establish themselves in low-income rural areas and be every bit as effective as their big-city counterparts. Listen in to hear Dr. Ridout’s thoughts on how doctors must balance the usefulness of charts and statistics with the essential human touches that make all the difference in health care.

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Title: Linguist

Location: Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

Shoji Teramura has taught in the Kansai region of Japan for almost all of his life, becoming an authority of English and its translation into Japanese. Currently, Mr. Teramura continues to try to produce excellent linguistics research from his home in one of the most historic cities in Japan. Listen in to hear about some of Mr. Teramura’s proudest accomplishments in the field.

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Ragsdale_Richard_3627373_03Title: Retired Health Company Executive

Location: Nashville, TN United States


A trained business professional, Dick Ragsdale used a combination of keen insight and bold action to make his mark in the world of medicine. Through his efforts, he was able to acquire a number of small, rural hospitals and use those to create a thriving business. Listen in to hear about Mr. Ragsdale’s successes in the business world.

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Moir_Rob_1060466_Boston_Harbor_DMFTitle: Director

Company: Ocean River Institute

Location: Cambridge, MA United States


As the director of the Ocean River Institute, Dr. Rob Moir is passionate about defending our oceans and preserving the life that dwells within them. Listen in to hear about what you can do to aid him in his quest to go the distance and make a difference.

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Kwan_Benjamin_2161367Title: Clinical Professor

Company: Department of Ophthalmology, UCLA

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA United States

As a retired ophthalmologist, Dr. Benjamin Kwan is enjoying his retirement with such hobbies as ballroom dancing, singing and, of course, snorkeling. Listen in to hear how Dr. Kwan remains active in retirement by volunteering with UCLA as a clinical professor and by taking on a leadership role with the Chinese American Ophthalmological Society, which hosts social and academic gatherings to all eye-related health care professionals, the majority of whom are of Chinese descent.

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Ingraham_Alec_2140949_01Title: Retired Professor of Mathematics

Company: Southern New Hampshire University

Location: North Billerica, MA United States


Although he began his education in history, Alec Ingraham transitioned into mathematics and quickly established himself as a knowledgeable and distinguished professor. Now, many years later, he has revisited his love of history with his role as a town historian. Listen in to hear more about Mr. Ingraham’s interesting career in two engaging disciplines.

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