Robert Weiss Honored for His Contributions to The Cooper Companies

WEISS_ROBERT_2207529_01HMTitle: Former President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: The Cooper Companies

Location: Pleasanton, CA United States


Prior to stepping down from his role as President and CEO of The Cooper Companies in April 2018, Robert Weiss spent his career building the market share of the company until it reached the level of the S&P 500. Listen in to hear Mr. Weiss expound on his business philosophies, and learn more about the mission and history of The Cooper Companies.

Listen to Mr. Weiss’ Marquis Radio Interview:



This is a wonderful and insightful look into Cooper under Bob Weiss’s Leadership. He is a tremendous asset and very humble leader at Cooper, The University of Scranton and our world at large.

God Bless him and Marilyn as they enjoy a much-deserved retirement. Marilyn has been a wonderful partner in Bob’s career.

-Carol M.

Contact Robert Weiss:

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