William J. Rowe, MD, FBIS, FACN, Honored for Work in Medicine

Rowe_William_4856782_SMTitle: Internist

Location: Keswick, VA United States


As an internist with many years of experience, Dr. William Rowe studied the effects of prolonged intensive exercise on the human body and found the effects to be comparable to the stresses experienced during space travel. Additionally, he would like to call attention to the use of iron brakes in vehicles, as their unseen pollution is causing the same physiological conditions found in astronauts braving harsh conditions.

Additionally, Dr. Rowe is an adventurer; he has made eight trips for African safaris by land rover in East Africa in the sixties and on foot in Zambia in the seventies and eighties. He and his wife have been charged by an elephant on foot, stopped by a warning shot and have waded across the Luangwa River in Zambia, which is loaded with crocodiles and hippos, numerous times.



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